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Social Media Integration

Customers and prospects engage with your brand across a variety of social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, and others). Companies without an integrated social media engagement strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Long Island Cool Web Design can help integrate social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter into the core framework of your website. This allows you increase revenue by keeping in constant contact with your customers and provides an excellent way to market your specials, promotions and company information directly to your customers!

Using the Facebook Open Graph API protocol, we put you one step ahead of other sites by integrating this amazing new technology. Every time someone clicks "Like" on any page of your website, this code creates a link inside Facebook directly to the page of your website where the "Like" button was clicked. Not only is a link created, but your logo, website URL and a description of the actual page that was "Liked" will appear in the users feed which is then displayed to every person they are friends with just as if they made a status update! This new technology is true Social Media Marketing!

We leverage many social media concepts to help you reach a broader audience and expand your online presence. We offer many social media tools through which you can communicate online allowing your website to serve as an online communication tool. We create engaging, interactive web sites using social media features such as blogs, forums, wikis, news and announcements, event calendars, media galleries, RSS syndication, sharing and bookmarking toolbars, and more. These features provide you with a technology solution to help you implement a social media strategy by engaging your audience and distributing your content across various social platforms. In today's communication-centric internet it's important to integrate social media into your website and overall web marketing strategy.

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